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Name Atomic Number Atomic Mass Electron Configuration Number of Neutron Melting and Boiling Point Date of Discovery Crystal Structure Someone Said: “We will never be able to attribute to a single individual the development of the basic building blocks of writing. Yet we do know the name of the man who devised the method of classifying the basic building blocks of matter.” Periodic Table was a good strategy gave us by Mendeleev’s and other Pioneer of Periodic Table. Periodic Table is always needed for anybody who studies chemistry. All the students must need an application that has all the above mentioned details by the distance of just one click. Through one click they can see all the elements’ properties one by one or in a list form. We are here to provide you an application which can perform all the above functions with easily use facility. “Periodic Application” is the application for all the students as well as for the teachers. Application will have the following features: 1. Table has elements with their symbols and atomic Numbers. 2. Clicking on any element details will be shown 3. Details can be physical, description of element, name, atomic and uses 4. User can see the details of individual or in the form of list of all the elements. 5. The list can be any of the properties like e.g. atomic volume etc. 6. The Group names will also be mentioned. 7. User can search the list of elements in a specific group name. 8. Different colors show different group names in table. 9. Customer Support is also available 10. You can share this application with all your family members and friends. 11. You can suggest and give us feedback.

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    Periodic table was a good strategy gave us by mendeleev x2019”
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