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★ Featured by iTunes App store on Facebook! Parking Mate is designed to be the most efficient and intuitive way to avoid the costly tickets and towing that can result from expired meters, street sweeping and other difficult to remember parking restrictions. Parking Mate allows you to: • Set a meter timer with a single swipe and be notified before it expires • Add locations and street rules like street sweeping or other restrictions • See, at a glance, which of your locations are safe for parking at the moment and in the near future • Indicate you've parked in a location with rules to be notified when you need to move your vehicle • Add a text or photo reminder of where you've left your vehicle • Use GPS to mark your vehicle's location on a map or get directions to a previously saved location • Share parking details like your meter timer, text note, photo, GPS location or location and street rules to other drivers via email. You can quickly add streets with rules by selecting times and days matching the restrictions posted. The home screen will always show you which of your streets are safe to park on, which aren't, and which soon won't be. You will receive notifications before and at expiration of the timer as well as before and at the time a street you've marked falls into restriction. Users who share vehicles can use the Share button on the home screen to send parking details to other drivers via email. The recipient will receive an email with all the shared information for reference, as well as a link, which if tapped from a device with Parking Mate installed, will launch Parking Mate and allow the recipient to import any or all details (including active timers and streets with notifications). Please Note: Notifications don't require a cell or wifi signal when using iOS 4.0 or later, so we strongly recommend that iPod touch users upgrade to iOS 4.0 or later to receive prompt notifications.

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