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Paranoid Fan

Paranoid Fan is a GPS-based social networking utility for sports fans. Users crowdsource social activities such as watch parties, tailgates, venue check-ins, and meetups. In addition, users can also input information that surrounds their at-game experience such as local ticket offerings, parking data, celebrity sightings, traffic flows and more. Our mapping and geo-communication technology is one of the first platforms to truly bring social to sports. Our mobile ecosystem allows users to populate and curate social data as it applies to their sports interest and their at-game experience. In addition, our mapping system gives you another way to view people close to you and fully engage in your environment. Discover if other paranoid fans are at the bar down the street, at the game, or getting together for a watch party. Users can even use our team-driven heat maps to drill down on gatherings, activities and more. Local Chat - Our chat stream allows users to chat with all users with a 10 mile radius. You can chat with text, post pictures, make friends, share experiences or share ideas with others in realtime within your locale. Map View - You can reference our map view to find out where other fans are hanging out and to use as a "heat map." Conversations - Users can start new conversations with other users (inside or outside their personal network). Interaction is contained within team-specific communities for easier discovery and engagement.

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