Photo Viewer for Panoramio


Photo Viewer for Panoramio

Browse and view the photos from Google Panoramio. More than 800 cool places around the world from will give you plenty of fun to explore the world with photos. Geo-tagged Wikipedia articles, if available, provide context to those photos. Features: * Find photos provided by Panoramio API for a visible map region * Find geo-tagged Wikipedia articles during photo map search * If you like a photo from map search, you can find all the photos by the photographer provided by Panoramio API * Provide a list of cool places from (Cool places use satellite image tiles and sometimes those tiles are slow to load. So be patient) * Locate a place quickly by search * View a photo in full screen * Slideshow full screen photos * Favorite photos and photographers and manage your favorites * Share great photos via email, Facebook and Twitter * Save photos to your photo library * Provide a list of Panoramio photo contest winners ## Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners

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