Pacer - Smart Workout Timer


Pacer - Smart Workout Timer

Designed specifically for iOS 7! Even the best of us need to structure our workouts - that's why we created Pacer. From weight training, to MMA, Crossfit, or powerlifting, Pacer is a beautiful and revolutionary new workout app created to help everyone trainer harder, workout smarter and live healthier lives. *FREE for a limited time to celebrate our entry into the App Store!* Unlike any other workout timer you’ve seen, Pacer tracks when and how you workout. Each time you use a timer, we automatically track your workouts. Overtime, you’ll begin to see patterns: when and what drives your progress. Major Features * Time your workouts easily with: Countdown Clock, Stopwatch, Custom Intervals, Warm up and Cool Down (more timers coming soon!) * Quickly customize timers with a swipe - no keyboard or number entry needed * Repeat past workouts - Pacer remembers what you did, and for how long * Track how much and when you work out * Stop wasting time and get motivated - see your progress by the numbers How you use Pacer is up to you: - Use the Stopwatch timer at the gym to track the length and date of your total workouts. That way you can see how much you’re training. - Use it at home as an Interval Timer with bodyweight exercises to transform your physiology. - Time your MMA and conditioning workouts using a mix of Warm Ups, Intervals and Cool Downs. Use Pacer with your headphones, and put it in your pocket during a workout. Audio cues will play in the background, so you’ll never miss an interval. The screen turns off auto lock when the timer is active, so you can always see a timer throughout your workout. Pacer is smart - it knows when you’re using timers back to back to create a complete workout. And Pacer is beautifully designed -- you’ll love using its simple gestures and gorgeous, pulsing screen effects. More Features Coming Soon! * Count sets and reps * Record what exercises and movements you did in each workout * More timers with preset workouts: Crossfit Timers, Tabata timers, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) protocol timers, Circuit Training timers DID YOU KNOW? Just a few minutes of interval workouts a day can increase fat burning and endurance capacity. Research shows you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of interval training than running for an hour.

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