outbid live auctions


outbid live auctions

Now join any of the live auctions hosted on outbid.com from your iPhone or iPad! You: “You mean I can join a live auction anywhere I have cell coverage or Wi-Fi?!?” Us: “Yes, yes you can.” You: “This is insane! I love you outbid!!!” Us: “We love you too.” How’s it work? It works the same way as outbid.com: ▸ You RSVP to the auction(s) you want to join. ▸ You come back when the auction starts. (We’ll remind you) ▸ You press the bid button when your item comes up. ▸ Repeat until victorious Here are the basics of outbid auctions: ▸ Start times, not end times. - Get there early! These auctions start on time. ▸ Time is added when you bid, so items sell to the highest bidder. - Let’s leave the sniping to Seal Team 6, K? ▸ One auction, many items - I don’t know…LIKE AN AUCTION. ▸ Fast, Easy and Fun! - It’s about 3 min per item. One-click bidding! ▸ Bidding is free, and penny auctions are dumb. - ‘Nuff Said. Visit outbid.com for more info or to host an auction of your own! And now for some screens:

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