Organic Chemistry! Complete


Organic Chemistry! Complete

This app is designed to be a complete study guide for college and university level Organic Chemistry students to all the necessary reactions and mechanisms for a year of organic chemistry and for the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, OAT, GRE or any other preprofessional exam. "Amazing application! Orgo condensed and organized by functional groups, I wish i found it before." Simply tap a functional group and all reactions for the group appear, from there tap any reaction and see a detailed mechanism with text explanation of why it is occurring. A simple and easy to use way of organizing all the necessary information for organic chemistry! This app can also be used as flashcards to help learn all the essential organic chemistry reactions, reagents, and mechanisms. More info, screen shots, O-Chem reactions posters, and additional organic chemistry products available at *This is the complete version of the app, all content is completely unlocked!!*

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