Ohms Acoustic Calculator


Ohms Acoustic Calculator

Ohms Acoustic Calculator includes 4 following modules. 1.Acoustic Impedance Calculator 2.Particle Velocity Calculator 3.Sound Intensity Calculator 4.Sound Pressure Calculator a)Acoustic Impedance Calculator: Calculates Acoustic Impedance with respect to 1.Sound Pressure / Sound Intensity 2.Sound Pressure / Particle Velocity 3.Sound Intensity / Particle Velocity b)Particle Velocity Calculator: Calculates Particle Velocity with respect to 1.Sound Pressure / Acoustic Impedance 2.Sound Intensity / Sound Pressure 3.Sound Intensity / Acoustic Impedance c)Sound Intensity Calculator: Calculates Sound Intensity with respect to 1.Sound Pressure / Acoustic Impedance 2.Particle Velocity / Sound Pressure 3.Particle Velocity / Acoustic Impedance d)Sound Pressure Calculator: Calculates Sound Pressure with respect to 1.Particle Velocity / Acoustic Impedance 2.Sound Intensity / Particle Velocity 3.Sound Intensity / Acoustic Impedance Key Features: Professionally designed user-interface for easy Data Entry and Easy Viewing. Calculation of Output is done instantly as you enter the input values. Formulas are also provided for all calculators.

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