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Keep it Simple. nxt life is a minimalist todo list. Don’t waste time with an elaborate todo app; nxt life is the world’s simplest task prioritization system. Need More Time? Reduce wasted time by up to 78% by working smarter, not harder. These days there will always be too much to do and too little time. Get your priorities straight with nxt life and make sure you are always getting the important stuff done. Reduce Stress. Stress comes from two things - not knowing what to do next and not working on what is most important to you. Nxt life creates these habits by prioritizing everything you do top down so you always work on what’s important to you. That’s all you can ask of yourself. Remember more. Look like a genius with nxt life’s powerful reminders system that keeps your priorities at the top of your list. A nxt life reminder moves a lower priority task to the top of your task list where it can't be forgotten. Go with the flow. Your priorities at the top of your nxt life task list will constantly change like life does - your boss will ask you to work on something, a client will a call with an emergency, your family will need you. Nxt life isn't a fixed schedule, it accounts for the unexpected. nxt life- The World’s Simplest Prioritization System -Tasks are backed up and stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about syncing. -Features: Set Reminders w/Push Notifications; Create Lists; Add Contacts; Send to friends to Collaborate; Add Task Notes; Swipe Shortcuts; Search Tasks. -Tell friends about nxt life to take advantage of the introductory FREE offering for a limited time only! Life Coded is a Silicon Alley based startup that designs organization and collaboration software to make life and business easier.

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