Nutrient Guide


Nutrient Guide

Nutrient Guide shows in a simple manner the nutrient contents of various foods. You can easily browse foods to see how the energy is distributed between carbs, protein, fat, and fiber. You can keep track of what you eat by adding foods to the food journal. It's a great tool for tracking your daily intake if you are trying to stick to a certain diet, or if you just want to be aware of what you eat. Features include: • A summary of your last week, where you can easily track your progress and check if you are meeting your goals. • Set up a calory goal, either manually or automatically. • Set up macronutrient goals, either in grams of percent of energy. • Food Journal that helps you keep track of what you eat. • Fast and easy searching for foods. • Macronutrient composition can be shown in grams or energy percent. • Energy can be shown in calories (kcal) or kjoule. • Sharing of the results on Twitter, Facebook or via email. • Builtin calculator when adding foods to the Journal, allowing you to enter e.g. "680 / 4" or "120 + 40". • Food amounts can be entered by weight, or when available, by volume or portion size. • Marking foods as favorites for quick and easy access. • Adding custom foods for anything that is not included in the database. • Easily copy foods from one day to another in the journal.

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