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Note Teacher Kids

This is a note and song teaching app I made to help kids learn music. It has cute graphics and fun play modes, while remaining true to actual musical education. Video at: Feedback from a music teacher: "It teaches the visual association of staff notes-to-keyboard keys in a way that is sympathetic to children's motivation and need for reward. The built in teacher and fade-in answer are great for this kind of bland memory-work, as kids absorb and memorize the notes, they rely less and less on the help. With this app I can get kids whose parents don't read music or play a musical instrument to learn this vital reading skill in a much shorter time scale. It also encourages parents or other siblings to learn to read." Also check out the review at! From learning the basic single notes to scales, a flashcard and music game format teaches your child note names and positions using a piano keyboard. Cute characters appear to guide and support learning. 36 lessons and songs teach note basics, clefs, scales, arpeggios, sharps, and flats. -Treble and Bass clef -Note names pop up as hints if too much time passes -CDE or Do Re Mi (solfege) can be chosen. -Lessons and songs are graded to track progress -Free play piano mode for fun!

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    Great learning game
    Great teaching tool for kids”
    Highly recommended for children learning music
    An excellent way to learn the basics of musical notation”
    Great tool to teach kids how to play piano
    It also encourages parents or other siblings to learn to read
    Easy to learn songs”
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