Nommons: Math Universe


Nommons: Math Universe

NOMMONS: MATH UNIVERSE IS THE MOST FUN MATH GAME FOR KIDS 6-8. Created by a team that worked on The Simpsons and Sesame Street. "Nommons is a math game your kids can sink their teeth into" - iPhone Life Magazine The Nommons are looking for their home and you can help them by rebuilding their spaceship with the power of math! Kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division solving math problems to fix the ship. After the ship is repaired, you can fly through the universe by swiping the screen. Look for yummy candy pieces and watch out for silly enemies like Potato Unicorns while helping the Nommons find their home. Candy pieces can be used to get items to create your very own universe. Change the graphics from the Milkshake Way to a Dinosaur World or switch enemies like Astro Bear to Ninja Cookie. There are over 1 trillion worlds to create in Nommons: Math Universe and no in-app purchases. Nommons: Math Universe will keep kids entertained for dozens of hours and teach them math at the same time. Children love playing Nommons: Math Universe because it is a fun math game that feels like a real video game. Parents love how Nommons: Math Universe makes kids excited to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Nommons: Math Universe is the most fun math app ever made for kids. Watch the trailer: WHAT MAKES NOMMONS: MATH UNIVERSE THE BEST MATH APP? - Improves addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mental math skills. - Intelligent tuning automatically adjusts the difficulty of math questions and always makes Nommons: Math Universe one step ahead of the player. The game will automatically reduce the difficulty if a player gets a question wrong until it finds a math level sweet spot. - Unleash your creativity by designing your own universe to fly in by choosing from 30 different enemies and over 100 items! - Nommons: Math Universe has more than 1 trillion universes to build and discover. See if you can find Apple Jacques, 00 Orangutan, and Count Tiramisu! - Share your creation with friends by giving them a secret password where NO online connectivity is required. Universe sharing is done entirely offline. - Fly your spaceship in any direction by simply swiping the screen. Swipe up to fly upwards, left to move back or right to fly forward. Bounce on enemies to defeat them! Nommons: Math Universe is easy to play and tough to master. - A new level is created each time you play Nommons: Math Universe. No two flights are ever the same! - Upgrade your spaceship and purchase power-ups using candy collected while playing the game. Nommons: Math Universe has NO in-app purchases. - Full GameCenter support with leaderboards and achievements. PRIVACY INFORMATION FOR PARENTS - This app is COPPA compliant. - Nommons: Math Universe does NOT have any in-app purchases. - This app does NOT have any advertising. - This app does NOT have any online connectivity or external links. - This app does NOT report any user data. - This app is a universal app that will work on iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices with a single purchase.

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