Now with iOS8 support! If you need support or having issues with NMEA, contact us at support@bricatta.com or visit us at gpstether.bricatta.com Summary : To share and tether NMEA GPS data between other compatible devices, over WiFi network to your iPad, and view it on the map. Useful for those iPads without GPS. Want to share and tether GPS infomation from other devices like NMEA server or from another device, to your iPad using WiFi ? This solution is made for you... plain and simple. Check out the video at www.bricatta.com Just key in the IP address and port number, and you are all set to view the location on the map. *The location shown is based on the other device's GPS location (NMEA server/talker) * Trial version will only run for 5 minutes. Purchase full version in here (app's Settings page) using the in-app feature. Feature Details : - Able to receive GPS data from another device using Bricatta's server app, and view the location on your iPad using this app. - Able to receive NMEA GPS data from a NMEA compatible talker/server, and view the location on your iPad using this app. This feature is still under final-beta testing. - Set how many minutes you want this app to run (runtime), with 0 as unlimited runtime - Set how frequent to update the map with pointers, to save battery power. - Auto-center the map at the latest location with history trail. - Share your location and time through email with Maps URL link - Able to open current location in Maps app - Copy GPS longitude/latitude to your device clipboard Requirements : - WiFi Note : This app solution is not meant to tether GPS from iPhone. Please read the FAQ at gpstether.bricatta.com for more info.

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