Ninjasaur features a complete all-ages comic book story followed by a game that picks up where the story ends. For a limited time, Ninjasaur is free! Happy New Year! Read a complete Ninjasaur comic book issue in HD! • Ninjasaur tells the adventures of a sarcastic dinosaur trained in the ways of the ninja • The app’s Breakdown™ feature allows you to swipe down any page to reveal stages of the art process. When the comic ends, get in on the ninja dino action by continuing the story in the Ninjasaur minigame! • Keep the story going in an in-continuity game that tests your ninja survival skills. • Play as Ninjsaur as you swipe ninja stars at warriors from throughout time. FEATURES: • Kid friendly but not just for kids! • Works on iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod Touch. • Complete story of 26 HD pages built for Retina display • Breakdown™ feature allows you to swipe down any page to reveal stages of the art process • Read the entire story in any art stage (pencils, inks, full color) • Game picks up where story ends • Play as Ninjsaur as you defeat warriors from throughout time • How long will your ninja skills last against Cowboys, Vikings, Cavemen, and more? • No third party advertising Written and drawn by Jason Horn since 2007, Ninjasaur is a comic book about, you guessed it, a dinosaur that’s a ninja. The app features a full comic book issue followed by a game, both built specifically for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The comic book reader offers an innovative view into the creative process. With a simple two finger vertical swipe down any page of the story, the reader will see the page fade into the separate stages of the art process. When the comic book is over, the story continues in an in-continuity game that picks up right where the story leaves off, allowing you to take part in the ridiculous dinosaur ninja action. The story finds Ninjasaur battling a mad scientist named Professor Deadbones that has invented a machinegun. But this is no ordinary machinegun! It is a “time machinegun” that will randomly toss parts of you into the past. This issue introduces a deadly new foe for Ninjasaur that will become a dangerous catalyst for his future (and past). Please note: the comic book reader looks best on devices with Retina displays and is designed to work in portrait orientation only so that you may swipe down vertically on any page and view the full images at their best. The game is designed to be played in landscape orientation only and can be accessed at any time from the main menu as well as at the end of the comic book story.

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