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News Republic-World News,Video

News beyond the headlines, News Republic gives you all the stories you’ve ever wanted in just one place. We provide you with the very best news from all the world’s top sources. Personalized and easy to use, News Republic gives you a customized news feed based on your interests. From Trump to the latest celebrity gossip to the funniest viral videos, get what’s trending right now before anyone else with News Republic. Always be the first to know! Special Reports: Get in-depth analysis on top stories with articles hand-picked by our experts. Stay Informed: Get the very latest updates on the hottest global stories as they happen. News You Can Trust: Get your news from the most recognized media outlets in the world. News Made For You: Only get the news you really want with our highly personalized “Home” screen. Amazing Videos: Watch top news and see what’s trending with our optimized video experience. Everyone has a dream: Do not be isolated from the world! Just keep this little news App on your phone and read news in your free time. Let you keep pace with the world!

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    I m totally dependent on it for my daily news nowadays”
    Very user friendly app - also like the little audio notifications”
    A definite recommend for all those news junkies
    Definitely one of the best News Apps available today”
    This is my favorite news application right now”
    I use this for most of my news updates
    Really nice and smart news reader
    I love the vast collection of news stories”
    Awesome News Aggregate
    Great news/ social media app
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    The offline mode would flicker and then crashed”
    Now it's full of garbage worthless news articles
    I'd pay money for no ads and just a straight news service”
    How disappointing that a news aggregator can't put out relevant stories”

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