Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream


Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream

Time Magazine: “If you're committed to going deep, go Naturespace. This is some of the best sound quality out there.” At Naturespace, we do things differently. Using advanced recording techniques, we capture all of our nature audio in the wild to create the ultimate headphone listening experience. If sound quality matters to you, then you owe it to yourself to try Naturespace. Our immersive, spatially accurate, 3D recordings from some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth can instantly relax and quiet your mind. It truly must be experienced to be believed, which is why this app is free. Six free recordings, no ads, and a vast catalog make it easy to experience what millions of others have discovered: the amazing world of holographic sound. Naturespace contains completely real, full-spectrum recordings of the natural world, captured with remarkable detail and fidelity. Using state-of-the-art recording equipment and techniques refined over decades of capturing natural sound in the field, we sought out the earth’s most beautiful sonic landscapes. And boy, did we find them. Vast shorelines, spectacular mountain valleys, eerie desert mountains, wild autumn forests, and hundreds of natural environments have been captured over years of expeditions. Each recording has its own unique character and suggested usage (sleep and relaxation, focus and concentration, anxiety and stress relief, meditation, or creative visualization). Naturespace enhances focus, eliminates distractions, reduces anxiety, and promotes a state of relaxed mental clarity. It is the perfect sonic tool for help with masking distracting sounds, sleeping, studying, concentration, meditation, anxiety, PTSD, and tinnitus. The University of Kansas Medical Center recommends our audio as a top mindfulness tool for medical training. With six infinitely-looping tracks, an elegant and simple user interface, and endless uses for Naturespace, there’s something for everyone. Connect with the natural world and get in touch with yourself. It’s that simple. USES: -Block out distractions with natural white noise -Reduce anxiety and stress -Fuel the imagination -Improve focus -Enhance mental clarity -Lower heart rate and blood pressure -Boost creativity -Sleep better and ease insomnia -Enrich meditation, yoga, and massage FEATURES: -Six gorgeous, infinitely-looping nature recordings -Sleep and wake timer -Earbud optimization mode for earbuds and small speakers -Mix audio with other apps -Full-screen artwork -Detailed track descriptions -Fully VoiceOver compatible CONNECT WITH US: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: For questions, feedback, and technical support, email us at for assistance. Thanks for listening to our work! MORE PRESS: Featured as an Apple Staff Favorite Featured as a Macworld Top Ten Favorite App 2014 University of Kansas Medical Center Recommended App for Mindfulness (for Medical Students) San Francisco Chronicle: "The best way to unwind.” On Earth: "An intensely personal experience.” iPad Envy: "Naturespace produces sound output that is simply phenomenal." Touch My Apps: "The superb sound quality gives a sense of presence I have not experienced in any other similar app I’ve tested." TUAW: “Superior recording technology and quality. You can almost reach out and touch the birds and feel the wind on your face.” Apple’n’Apps: "Provides total immersion into the audio like no other app. A great way to transport yourself away for a few minutes or longer." MacLife: "Naturespace stands out... Awesome.” Miranda Kerr, Body + Soul: “Soundscapes of incredible accuracy and atmosphere allow you to bliss out, refocus, and reenergize in even the noisiest surroundings." Conor Oberst, Q Magazine: "I'm a terrible insomniac. I rely on [Naturespace] almost every night. Hence the song title."

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    Helps me sleep at night lol at 4:20 in screenshot”
    Many options for white/ background noise
    The only app that really helps me sleep peacefully thru the night”
    The sounds are incredible - especially love the ocean waves
    We put it on at night and use it to fall asleep to”
    Without question the best white noise / sleep machine / background - 3D Audio”
    Especially when I need to drown out my roommate's snoring”
    Best sound quality and environmental acoustics of any app”
    This app has the best nature sounds I have ever heard recorded”
    I use it all the time for meditation and stress relief
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