nacnews – What’s new in the New Apostolic Church


nacnews – What’s new in the New Apostolic Church

Description The nacnews app offers a comfortable and compact overview of messages from diverse websites of the New Apostolic Church. The global news sources include media of the New Apostolic Church International, as well as the regional District Churches, church districts, and charity organizations. Additional news sources will be added continually. Languages and news sources can be individually selected in the settings of the nacnews app. The app is ad-free and free of charge. What’s new New functions in version 3.0.0 Many details of the nacnews app have been optimized in version 3 or completely redeveloped, such as - a faster update of the start page by gesture control: pull to refresh - no limits on previews: overviews can be scrolled dynamically - a uniform, five-line preview of all messages; irrespective of language selection and display size - a comfortable slideshow: simply scroll through image galleries with swipe gestures - significantly reduced memory consumption - an additional menu language: Spanish - a push function for the direct reception of new messages; news sources can be individually selected in the menu “Sources” - an integrated browser for a quick view of the original news source/website - a clear three-column layout on the iPad The New Apostolic Church The New Apostolic Church is an international Christian church. The foundation of its teachings is Holy Scripture. The New Apostolic Church recognizes three sacraments: Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing, and Holy Communion. The New Apostolic Church offers its members appealing and contemporary pastoral care based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. It developed from the Catholic Apostolic Church in 1863 and is led by Apostles, just like the first Christian congregations. The return of Christ to take home His bride is a central component of New Apostolic doctrine. The New Apostolic Church emphasizes the personal accountability of its members for their actions. The individual is responsible to God for his behaviour. The gospel of Christ and the system of values inherent in the Ten Commandments provide clear orientation in this respect. The New Apostolic Church is politically neutral and independent. It is financed by the voluntary donations of its members. Legal notice, publisher, contact Do you have questions or suggestions? Please do not hesitate to comment. You can also visit us at the websites and New Apostolic Church International Überlandstr. 243 8051 Zurich / Switzerland Telefon +41 43 2994100 Telefax +41 43 2994200

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