MyBookLibrary allows you to keep track of the books in your collection. You can view your book list by book title, by the authors of the books, by the book category, by book series, by the book status or the read status, by location, by loaned to or by borrowed from or by collection. Tilt your device to landscape view and view your book images in Cover View. Double tap on an image to view the book information. When entering book information, you can enter the ISBN, Title, Author, read status, book status, book format, series, category, publisher, copyright date,notes, ranking, volume number, price, location, loan to, borrow from and collection. Only the title is mandatory. After entering the ISBN number, you can press the search button and get the title, author, category, copyright date and synopsis information from the internet. You can also search for multiple books by Title/Author. Scan ISBN bar codes using the free Pic2Shop application. Let me know if you have any issues with the app or if you would like a new feature added. This Lite version only lets you enter up to 20 books into your library.

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