Featured in "BEST MOBILE APPS 2013" - Portrait Health Publishing. My.Walk.Run is a fun and easy app for tracking your walking, hiking, jogging or running activities and you can post your activities to Facebook. My.Walk.Run is NOT a pedometer. It does not count steps. It is a GPS-based app that calculates your distance and speed using your change in location. It is designed for outdoor use. It provides advantages over most other GPS fitness apps: 1. Easier to use with an auto-pause feature, 2. More accurate with adjustments for uphill climbs, 3. An auto GPS shut-off battery saver, 4. Can get you “Back on Time” or “Back by Dark”, and 5. Easy to share your route map and activity history. EASY TO USE Just tap “Start” and the app does the rest. No account setup required. No registration required. Doesn’t even require a Wi-Fi or cell phone connection, just a GPS signal. My.Walk.Run operates in the background so you can continue to use your iPhone to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages and emails, play music, or run other apps. AUTO-PAUSE It has an auto-pause feature that pauses up to 30 minutes (by default, settable to 5-60 minutes in Settings) before the app asks you if your activity has “Ended?” With Auto Pause, only the time you are actively moving is used to calculate your average speed, just as if you had used a pause/resume button, but much simpler! ACCURATE & RELIABLE It is designed specifically for walking, jogging, hiking and running, so it knows when it receives out-of-range GPS data for these activities and disregards the bad data. It also adjusts distance and calories for uphill climbs. BATTERY SAVING Ever forget to inform your app that you ended your activity and have your battery run down because the GPS system remained on? My.Walk.Run automatically detects when you have ended your activity and shuts off the GPS to save your battery. BACK-ON-TIME Have you ever got caught out after it’s too dark to see or got back late (like after the park closed). This is because you didn’t know when to head-back. With My.Walk.Run all you need to do is set the “Return Time” or select “Back by Dark” and it does the rest. It alerts you when it is time to head-back, displays how fast you need to go, and how fast you are currently going. It also displays an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) based on your current location and speed. With My.Walk.Run, you can set the “Return Time” when you start your activity or anytime during your activity and you can even choose a different route back and My.Walk.Run can still get you back-on-time! PERSONAL SAFETY FEATURES My.Walk.Run can provide you with detailed directions back to your starting location by providing Apple Maps with your starting and your current location. If you want others to know where you are, you can send your current location via instant messaging or you can email a map of your route showing where you have been and where you are currently. FEATURE SUMMARY • Very easy to use • Very accurate • No account setup required • No registration required • Displays time, distance and calories • Displays average and current speed • Adjusts for uphill climbs • Provides elevation change • Provides a route map • Has auto-pause feature • Saves battery with auto-end • Can get you Back-on-Time • Can get you Back-by-Dark • Can provide directions back • History file for unlimited activities • Automatic backup of history file • Share location via messaging • Share location via email with route map • Share activity history via email • Post activity to Facebook • Metric/US units for worldwide support BATTERY DISCLAIMER Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. With My.Walk.Run a single battery charge can provide over 6 hours of walking on an iPhone 3GS and over 10 hours of walking on an iPhone 4, 4S or iPhone 5, 5C or 5S and iPhone 6.

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