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My Sticky Notes

Sticky note No notepad, no dairy, no piles of paper required to remember important things. Now we can have all at one platform only, using ‘STICKY NOTES’. The application brings you the flexibility to keep all your important things with your device. Sticky Note is a lightweight app to create simple reminders for future tasks. Notification is given via status bar, sound alerts, etc. Some Enhanced Features: •You can enter any type of note that will stick to the application’s home page. •User is provided with an option to mark done or cancel the note. •The sticky note can be set for a particular date or time. •The capability to set a reminder helps you to get an alert before important events. •Once the time is passed the color of the note changes from yellow to red so as to differ it from the existing ones. •The pending and past sticky notes are differentiated by partitioning them into due and done list. The due list comprises of all the notes that are still pending whereas the done list has all the notes which are either marked done or has their dates passed. •The sticky notes can be deleted or removed from the application’s wall. This action sends the note to the list of achieved notes. •The achieved note can be reset to some other date or time or can be deleted permanently. •The filtering of the notes can be done on the basis of four tabs i.e. today, this week, this month and all. These features help you to get your life an easy approach to remember the important tasks and scheduled work. Now with STICKY NOTES, you can easily create a reminder for your daily tasks, and forget about them. When time comes, STICKY NOTES will remind you. With STICKY NOTES, you can quickly set up all kind of reminders.

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