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My Ski Runs

My Ski Runs is a fun and easy app to use for tracking your skiing or snowboarding activities whether it’s for competing with other skiers or just for fun. This app provides advantages over most other GPS skiing apps: (1) Easier to use with an auto skiing detection feature; (2) Battery savings features; (3) Ability to email your skiing route map and skiing history, and (4) for safety, the ability to message or email your exact location. EASY TO USE No account set-up required. No registration. Doesn’t even require a Wi-Fi or cell phone connection, just a GPS signal. You can continue to use your iPhone to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages and emails, or run other apps. AUTO SKIING DETECTION Just double tap “Start Ski Runs” when you put your skies on. My Ski Runs has auto skiing detection capability so there is no need to tell the app when you start or end each ski run. You can also take a break on a ski run for up to 5 minutes and the app will "auto pause" and "auto resume" for you. Your actual skiing time and average speed are calculated just as if there was a pause and resume button -- but you don’t need to get your fingers cold! BATTERY SAVING FEATURES My Ski Runs automatically detects when you have not been skiing for 2 hours (settable in Settings to 1-3 hours) and turns off the GPS system to save your battery. It also automatically ends your skiing if the battery should reach the 20% level. PERSONAL SAFETY FEATURE If you want others to know where you are, you can send your current location via instant messaging or you can email a map of your route showing where you have been skiing and where you are now. SETTINGS Settings are set in the Apple “Settings” application. You can set the “No Skiing Shut-off Timer” to automatically shut off the GPS system if you have not been skiing for the selected amount of time (1 to 3 hours). You can choose between the Metric system and USA units of measurement. You must enter your weight in the settings to correctly calculate calories burnt. FEATURE SUMMARY » Auto skiing detection » Auto pause and auto resume » No account required » No registration required » True skiing times & distances » Calculates calories burnt » Avg. speed & maximum speed » Elevations and elevation changes » Maximum decline slope (degrees) » Detailed skiing route map » Ended skiing auto detection » Auto shut-off at 20% battery level » History file for unlimited ski runs » Share skiing history via email » Auto backup of history file with app » Share location via instant messaging » Share location via email with route map » Metric/US units for worldwide support BATTERY DISCLAIMER Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. With My Ski Runs a single battery charge can provide over 6 hours of skiing on an iPhone 3GS and over 10 hours of skiing on an iPhone 4, 4S or iPhone 5.

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