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My Data Usage Pro

Featured by and Wired magazine as the best app for data usage tracking. That ability to know how much data used every month ... excellent. That peace of mind and the hard earned money savings every month … perfect indeed. That ability to fend off the scheming ways of telecom providers… priceless!!! An app that enables you to count every last byte you download and hence fend off that scheming telecom provider who is waiting so that you exceed your monthly data limit and he can bilk your hard earned money as outrageously overpriced penalties. If you don't use the data limit to the fullest for fear of exceeding the limit and hence waste the money you pay anyways, this app does the work of counting every byte for you, making it super simple for you to know exactly when you might exceed the limit and hence saving that precious money of yours, month after month, every month. And that Peace of Mind you get. Available in 28 languages. Supported Languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Flemish, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Slovakian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Turkish, Korean, Romanian, Thai ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ##Breaking News## ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▪ #1 Utility app in UK for New and Noteworthy ▪#6 Utility app in Canada for New and Noteworthy ▪#7 Utility app in USA for New and Noteworthy ▪This app now has Data Doctor with Smart Analysis and Early Warning System Features. Please see "Whats new in version 1.3" for details. ▪iPad support added. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and will run natively on both. Buy once, use everywhere. The Highlights of this app are: Measures Cellular and WiFi data. Measures both Uploaded and Downloaded data usage. No need to run this app in background. Hence save the precious battery life unlike other similar apps that run in background and hog the battery as well as phone memory and slow your phone down. Predictive monthly data analysis where it gives highly accurate projections for your current month data usage and suggests usage patterns so that you don't overrun your limit before end of month. Designed for both iPhone and iPad and will run natively on both. Buy once, use everywhere (iPhone, iPad, iPod) Supports 17 languages. English, German, Dutch, Flemish, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese Automatically detects the right language for your device based on your device language settings. Uses artificial intelligence algorithm that learns from your usage patterns and adapts to suggest best case daily usage quota limit. Uses a special algorithm that tells your precise data usage without ever having to continuously run it in background. Great battery life saving. Great phone memory saving. Green, Red and Yellow color coded warnings to tell you where your usage stands. Use the "Since Last Run" feature to find out data used by other apps. Very useful in fishing out data hogging apps. Use reset reminders to reset the data usage at start of billing cycle. This app will work with any telecom provider as it gathers all its data from inside the device WITHOUT ever having to login anywhere. Super simple setup. Highly intuitive user interface designed by award winning UI Experts. Note: Please email support queries instead of leaving them as review comments.

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    Shortly after installing this application my data usage skyrocketed”

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