Liten Countdown - Minimal Countdown Timer or Countdown Clock


Liten Countdown - Minimal Countdown Timer or Countdown Clock

Minimal, easy‑to‑use countdown timer. Probably the world’s simplest countdown timer for touch screen devices. Never end up in a prolonged meeting again. Just set the Liten Countdown timer so all can see it to make sure everyone knows when it is time to end the meeting. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ••••• 5/5 stars "Great minimalist timer ... clean interface ... intuitive to use" – user, USA ••••• 5/5 stars "A good app with a nice and simple user interface and a clean design" - user, Denmark •••• 4/5 stars "...very good" - user, Germany DESIGN Liten Countdown has been designed to have the ultimate abstract interface - 100% content and no visual interface elements. Goodbye, skeuomorphism! Hello, simplicity. HOW IT WORKS • Drag to Set The Time • Tap to Start / Pause • Double Tap to Reset ALARMS When the countdown timer finishes and the app is open, a bell will ring. If the app is closed, a push message with an inspirational quote will appear along with the bell sound. Alarms are usually stressful, but with the inspirational quotes found in Liten Countdown you will know when time is up without having to focus on your stress level. MUTE MODE Please note that when your phone is muted, no sound will play at the end of countdown. If you have vibration activated, the phone will vibrate instead. USAGE Liten Countdown timer is perfect for: • Meetings - never host a prolonged meeting again. Set the timer and everyone will know when the meeting is over • Keynotes and events - display a countdown on the projector via airplay so everyone will be ready for the keynote speaker, or use it to time your keynote speech • Competitions - time the fun to raise the adrenaline • Cooking - make sure that soufflé doesn’t burn • Household tasks - remember to take out the laundry • Sports - challenge yourself to beat your last run with a clear indication of your remaining time. FEEDBACK Have comments or ideas for improvements? Write them in the review field or write to @litenapps on twitter CREDITS Designed and Coded in Copenhagen by Stine Søndergaard and Filip Jakobsen. Sound credits: Bronze Bell © Zabuhailo at under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Instructional icons by Isaac Grant.

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