Mindfully Me — Mindfulness & Meditation


Mindfully Me — Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfully Me will help to enhance your mindfulness, leading to increased self-awareness, authenticity, and self-care. We designed Mindfully Me to work as your personal mindfulness assistant. The app has three main functions: 1. Timer: Set your own meditation time, starting and ending with a chime. 2. Guided: Two guided meditations to support your practice. 3. Reminders: Mindfulness reminders throughout your day. The reminders can be set to notify you at regular intervals throughout the day. They send you various brief messages that direct your awareness to your present moment experience. This function will enhance your daily mindfulness practice. Mindfully Me is brought to you by a passionate team, dedicated to providing technology that enhances psychological health and wellbeing. We are psychologists, engineers, and meditation teachers. If you encounter any problems with Mindfully Me, please email us directly (help.mindfullyme@gmail.com) as opposed to leaving a negative review. It is difficult for us to help you when we can't communicate back to you. Thank you! USER REVIEWS: "This app takes care of all my meditation and mindfulness needs. It features a nice, easy to use, meditation timer. Guided meditations are also built right in. The reminder feature is unique and gives prompts throughout the day to remind you to pause for a moment and be mindful and present as you go about daily routines. Highly recommended." "This app is amazing. The ability to set meditation reminders throughout the day is so useful." "I found this app and being a busy person always looking for time to stop and just breathe, this is a great app for me. The settings allow me to set a reminder to be mindful at intervals that work for me."

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