Meteors (Falling Sand Game)


Meteors (Falling Sand Game)

A falling sand style simulator using custom gravity fields. Create your own universe. New in 1.0.12: Bug fix. New in 1.0.11: New element : nitro : nitro is a liquid explosive. Wind : now explosions can be modeled by air pressure, causing wind between high and low pressure areas. This models explosions more accurately. Air pressure also allows for different type os simulations. New in 1.0.10 : new element laser , laser cuts through iron, ignites explosives. Lasers can be aimed at a specific direction. New in 1.0.9 : speed improvement New in 1.0.8 new elements : acid C4 iron lava New in 1.0,6 , 1.0.7 : Bug fixes New in 1.0,5 : Now you can shoot particles. Just drag and release to set angle and speed. While dragging a preview of the trajectory will show! Shoot fire at gun powder, or place particles in orbit... New in 1.0.4 : perfomance improvement New in 1.0.3 : Zoom and Pan : To zoom select the zoom/pan from the tools picker. Stretch the canvas in using multi touch. When zoomed in you can pan using the zoom/pan tool by dragging. Zoom in by pinching. New in 1.0.2 : rubber : rubber bounces of walls and other rubber particles. A new fun element to play with! See how gravity affects how the particle bounce. Build a force field using black holes (attract particles), white holes (repel particles) and gravity shields. Optionally use the accelerometer as added force. Add different elements to the simulation, see planets getting formed, plants grow,... Particles react with each other, for example when ice and fire touch the ice will melt. Fire will burn plants. Any particle touching the "Drain" particle will disappear... Physics engine tracks individual particles for a realistic simulation. You can see particles orbit the black holes, move from orbiting one black hole to another.... Meteors create spectacular explosions on hitting other particles. Gunpowder and fuses allow you to create bombs, canons,... You can also build other types of simulations, for example use a white hole in combination with wall and water to create a water gun... ( use ice to delay the firing, as ice will slowly melt when in contact with water). Limited only by your imagination and creativity. Save and load your simulations. The current simulation is saved on exiting the app and automatically restored on restarting the application. Please send suggestions for future versions! For example what type of particles would you like to see. What type of reactions,...

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