Meshin Calendar: for Evernote


Meshin Calendar: for Evernote

Be a meeting Rockstar! Now you can look like the smartest person in the room and impress your boss in every meeting. Meshin Calendar is the best smart calendar app to intelligently and efficiently manage your meetings and your day, featuring the Meshin Cloud with Evernote integration. Meshin Calendar makes your meetings smarter by connecting your calendar to Evernote. With our new Meshin Cloud service and a free Meshin Calendar account, your note links are automatically synchronized across your signed in devices. Create, review, and share meeting notes easily. Meshin Calendar auto-tags your notes with the names of the people you are meeting with along with the title, so search equals success when looking for your notes in the future. Key Features: * NEW - Meshin Cloud account with automatic device to device note link synchronization. * See all of your calendars in one elegant view, including iCal and Outlook * Create new notes or link existing Evernote notes to any meeting with just a click * Share notes back to the event so attendees can see your notes with a click * Share notes with attendees via email and social channels To have smarter meetings and manage actions: * Quickly create and share agendas and meeting prep notes so your attendees arrive prepared * During meetings, use Meshin Calendar to open and edit Evernote notes, capture actions, whiteboard photos, audio, and anything else that adds value to the meeting and notes * After meetings, use Meshin Calendar to share actions and notes with attendees so everyone knows what transpired and who is on the hook for what task * Link your existing Evernote notes to meetings so you always have the information you need, right from your calendar! * Take notes for events such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations * Never forget items for your trips again Simply put, Meshin Calendar: for Evernote helps to Get Things Done! Meshin Calendar is available for: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Learn more: Features: Meshin Cloud * Meshin Cloud service wih free Meshin Account provides automatic device to device note link synchronization. Evernote Note integration * Create, link, share and unlink notes with events * Rich text Styling and formatting options * Events with notes only view * Default notebook option * Notebook creation * Tags * Photos Calendars * iCal, Outlook and other calendar services * Multiple calendars * Read only calendars * Create and edit calendar events * Recurring events * 24hr and UTC timezone support * Invitee meeting indicator * Calendar color indicator * Jump to 'Today' via the Meshin Calendar icon button Sharing * Share note link to event description * Share note with attendees

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