Different handwriting or handwritten notes, photographs, notes, sketches, and features never before seen in the Paint App is available through a sticky note (memoJI). [Flash feature] * No longer during nighttime note uncomfortable Do not! * memoJI will light a fire. [QR / Barcode scan function] * QR, taking the browser address and copy .. Discomfort do you do? As well as * QR Barcode scanning will * Convenient scan results will be copied to the 'clipboard'. [Desk Clock] * Study / Work hours to your advantage! * Is being transformed into a stylish desk clock. (Battery consumption * Screen auto-lock feature, if you terminate effective power connection required!) [Drawing mode & Eraser mode] * Note unwanted part of the mode switch to the eraser can be deleted. [Deleted note] * Click the 'Trash' icon to delete the written notes. * Click the icon I do not want to bother you if you lightly shake the phone. [Available in various colors] * When you click the 'Color Picker' icon, you can choose the color closest to positive infinity * the top of the palette, the selected color area by dragging the desired color palette at the bottom of the touch. [Pen thickness and transparency support] * 'Line' when you click the icon, you can choose pen thickness and pen / clear transparency. [Support Album] * Their photo albums stored on, you can call and leave a message. * Written notes can be stored in an album

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