MathTracks Basic


MathTracks Basic

Kids are intensely visual in their learning, and MathTracks is math you can really see. It’s fun, but not a game for pretending to do math. Number lines are critical for understanding, and almost everything you do in MathTracks is within the number line framework. The multiple “tracks” are ideal for relating concepts to each other - an essential idea we haven’t found in any other apps or games. Most kids are also kinesthetic learners, using touch, feel and physical interaction. At you can get physical kits that are compatible with your free app. This app is super easy to use, and includes a simple flashcard game (with built-in track for visualization). But the most value comes from parents or teachers guiding students through the activities provided. At MathTracks, we believe.... - in understanding, not memorization. - in the power of visual and kinesthetic learning. - that intuitive tools can make all the difference. - that easy tracking of progress is critical. - that every school and child can easily do better in math! Important news for American schools, teachers and parents: A recent paper (NASP Communique’ Vol. 38, #3, “Big Ideas”, Methe, Scott A.) reports that all five of the top math countries in the world focus their early math on only 3 core topics. In striking contrast, U.S. schools average 14 topics, and are spread too thinly - “a mile wide and an inch deep”. So what are those 3 critical topics? - whole number meaning - whole number operations - measurement units Class can still be fun, but clearly we need greater focus. It so happens that MathTracks’ main focus is precisely these 3 topics. MathTracks is currently working on the Pro App which will have all the features, games and elements you can already find at

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