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Mathly Hollows Free

This is the free version of the popular Mathly Hollows educational app. It has the full functionality of the full version, with 5 engaging levels for addition and subtraction. You can choose these 5 levels from any grades. You also have the option to unlock all the features to make it the equivalent of the full version. There is NO need to download the full version again from iTune Store when you upgrade. It all happens inside the app. Defend Mathly Hollows from monster attack by using and developing your mental math skills! Work towards Master Wizard of Math title. Get rewarded with cute pet monsters and powerful friends. 1. Improve fast mental math skills in a motivating way 2. Address curriculum based on Common Core State Standards - Math (CCSS) 3. Utilize iterative memorization techniques to really learn the math 4. Customize speed based on different math skill levels 5. Get rewards – cute monsters and powerful helpers 6. Earn rankings from Apprentice to Master Wizard 7. Includes parent page and progress report Learning math has never been so easy or fun as you show what you know while playing a great game! If you want to be a true math wiz and excel in math, this is the app for you! Immerse yourself in a world of math fun at Mathly Hollows and become a mental math wizard! How Do You Play and Learn? You’ll choose a kind of math operation to work on – addition, subtraction, division, multiplication or mixed. You’ll need to answer the questions as quickly and accurately as possible to save Mathly Hollows. If you answer questions correctly, you’ll be able to blast off monsters that are approaching Brain the Wizard! Mathly Hollows utilizes memorization algorithms and iterative learning processes to deliver small, incremental amounts of math learning to you. You work at your own pace on a carefully controlled amount of new knowledge in each unit, at any given time, and cannot pass a level until answering every item correctly multiple times. If you complete a unit, you have learned all the items in that range successfully. Customization Select your start level and customize the speed of your game! Everyone can be comfortable moving at their own pace! Rewards Get rewarded for your hard work and learning. Mathly Hollows provides 4 different rewards: Magic book, pet monsters, helpers, and rankings. The more levels you conquer the more rewards you will get. Strive to be the Master Wizard. Collect and play with all 50 monsters. Earn 10 additional helpers that can actually damage the monsters. Standards Linked How do you know you’re learning the right stuff? Our curriculum is linked to State Math Standards, the Common Core Standards in Math and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards, so you know you’re learning mental math and calculation skills will help you succeed in school and the future! Across grade levels, the curriculum covers the addition and subtraction of numbers from 1-20 for Kindergarten, through to 1-100 at the 3rd grade level. The multiplication and division operations cover the 12 times table. Teachers Mathly Hollows allows unlimited users for each download. That means you can install Mathly Hollows and use it with all the kids in your class for one low price! You’ll know that your students are motivated to learn math skills and will be well rewarded for their work and development.

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