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Marshal ColorApp

Colorapp is a new application for Iphone and IPAD, to be downloaded from Applestore; this application is meant to help the optician and the end consumer to choose the most suitable color contact lens, starting from the natural color of the customer’s iris. In 3 simple steps, Colorapp isa ble to provide clear and realistic images of the final effect of the color contact lens on the eye, allowing also the comparison between different contact lenses available in the wilde range of products that fulfills the catalogue of Marshal Intergroup. The software development allows us today to provide new tools able to adjust and adapt the application for providing highly reliable final results. More, we will provide to the final consumer that will use Colorapp the possibility to localize through GPS the nearest optical store carrying the chosen color contact lens. Contact lenses are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store and they are completely safe if used according to the suggestions written in the internal leaflet present in each box of color contact lenses manufactured by Marshal Intergroup. The eyes are precious and Marshal Intergroup knows it very well, due to its long experience in the optical field. For this reason, we always recommend our clients to undergo prior eye examination, just to check the absence of adverse conditions for wearing contact lenses.

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