Mars Atlas


Mars Atlas

Explore a 3D globe of Mars Mars Atlas is an astronomy application that lets you use pinch and finger gestures to manipulate a 3D globe of Mars. As you zoom in more labels appear as finer detail comes into view. You can double tap on the labels to get more information about a particular feature. Mars Atlas displays the approximate phase, axial tilt and central meridian of Mars from your chosen location and time, and renders these on the globe. You can switch to a 'Globe' mode that allows you to spin Mars around to see the whole globe. The feature database is searchable and can move the globe to a searched feature. The phase can be switched off to show the whole globe more clearly. Date, time and location can be changed. There is also a realtime mode that will update to the current time. The Mars globe can be shown with north or south at the top or inverted to suit different telescope views. Over 1600 named features are included as well as 6 spacecraft that returned data from the surface of Mars. You can swipe left and right on the phase view to go backwards and forwards a day. Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn atlases are also available on the App Store! Also there is Planisphere, a star charting app, available on the App Store!

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