Mapster = Maps + Multimedia


Mapster = Maps + Multimedia

Mapster combines features of our earlier mapping apps with some new and exciting ways to add multimedia to maps. Add photo-overlays, floating images and icons, panoramic photographs and sound files (songs). View (and listen) to your data in new and unique ways. Choose between map and augmented/virtual reality (A/VR) viewers. View metadata with embedded text, pictures, video, and audio files. Built-in text to speech synthesizer tells you the range and heading to an object or reads its description. Import/export maps and media from your computer using iTunes File Sharing, from email, or network links. Capture maps/overlays with screenshots. Use when there is no WiFi service. Display rich KML content including points, lines, polygons, photo and ground overlays. View dynamic data downloaded from network links. Measure distances and areas. Search for places using a built-in gazetteer. Find specific objects on your map. And more...

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