MammaBaby - Breast feeding App & Baby Log Tracker


MammaBaby - Breast feeding App & Baby Log Tracker

We hope you enjoy our new design! Picked by Apple among the best apps to help with new parents in 2015! We designed MammaBaby to simplify baby logging processes and to improve overall parenting experiences. Sharing responsibility has never been easier with other care givers via automatic data sync. With interactive charts, you can monitor your baby data with ease anytime anywhere. In addition, you will get timely baby tips for every milestone recorded to expect what's coming up next. Benefit from the following features to improve your parenting experiences with your precious ones using MammaBaby: 1) Track daily activities and growth using interactive charts with WHO percentiles 2) Establish routines with feeding, sleeping, and medicine alarms 3) Help your baby stay on track with feeding/sleeping guidelines in daily summary page and milestone-driven parenting tips 4) Fully synchronized App-Web environment for data management, various charts and graphs, growth and poop color analysis, etc. 5) Share milestone moments with your family and friends 6) Help your baby achieve key baby milestones with timely parenting tips provided for every milestone you record. These tips have been written and reviewed by experienced mommy bloggers. More detailed and comprehensive parenting tips are available at MammaBaby Blog ( All these features in MammaBaby will help you build confidence in parenting your newborn baby. For more information, please visit Feature Highlights: • Supports multiple babies up to 5 • Quick and easy logging of feeding, diapers, sleeping, growth, developmental milestones • Automatic synchronization of baby logs between multiple devices • Bar charts for feeding, sleeping, and diaper to visualize trends and patterns • Four interactive charts for growth data to track your baby’s growth based on WHO reference data (age vs. height, weight, head circumference, height vs. weight) • Support for Facebook sharing of baby's height and milestone moments • Alarms for feeding, sleeping, and medicine with enjoyable alarm sounds • Milestone recording for precious moments and support for Facebook posting. • Timely parenting tips for the first year of your baby (29 milestones and 62 baby tips are available) Feature Highlights of MammaBaby Web: • Daily summary, feeding/sleeping guidelines and timely baby item suggestions provided • Export of raw data to excel compatible file format (csv) • Download high-quality charts in various formats (pdf, svg, png, jpg) • Additional data analysis charts for poop color and growth data Notes: Optimized for iPhone4 or later Requires iOS 6.X or later Facebook sharing iOS 6.0 or later

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  • Highligths
    The sync feature is an awesome way to keep track of everything going on”
    Especially helpful for first time moms and showing dr / lactation consultant”
    I would strongly encourage this app for first time moms that breast feed”
    I highly recommend this app to any new parents
    The sync feature between multiple apps works great”
    Helps the sleep deprived focus on when things need to happen”
    This app is great for new moms and nursing moms
    I didn't have to try to remember during those late night feedings
    But this is super helpful for those with mommy brain lol”
    Great Record Keeping App”
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    Breast feeding don't want stop watch

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