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Makers Empire

"The world's easiest to use 3D printing software". Or so some have said... including us. No CAD lessons required! For years humanity has yearned to conquer the third dimension, and now the means has arrived; Makers Empire, the world's easiest to use 3D printing software. Let that sentence sink in for a moment. It's almost magic... and in mere moments you can conjure a design from the depths of your imagination, piece it together using our wizard-like tools, sync it with the MakerBot Cloud Library and print it for your tangible pleasure. Unforgettable. 1. Character Girl, boy or troll? Choose a character and manipulate their features before selecting a dynamic and commanding pose for immortalisation in 3D! 2. Shaper Create and combine various shapes on your journey toward the ultimate shape. 3. Blocker Build with bricks, blocks, and cubes, or all three. Summon your chosen blocks from the void and form them into towering structures, deadly objects or majestic beings! 4. Toy Designer Get all 2015 and make your own designer toy. This is the fastest way to create an arty figurine, moody monster, or er... characterful character. Tap the green arrow and choose your parts - it's that simple. 5. Cogger Become a mad scientist! Create nefarious machines with a singular purpose on your quest for world domination. Or, just make things go with gears and cogs - control teeth count, length, width, angle, skew, valley and twist! Get cranking! 6. Doodler Load a pre-created model and sketch right over the top to add any features you feel may be lacking. 7. Curator Prepare yourself - a new module has been revealed! Step into the Curator and satiate your learning needs while browsing three dimensional models of our world's most famous and well-known objects. There's no need to visit the Louvre when you can experience it's exterior from the comfort of your own home!

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