Location Alert Pro


Location Alert Pro

A set of utilities allowing tracking locations with sound and/or text alerts and logging entering/exiting location region events. Locations can be defined by: 1) GPS coordinates 2) Current GPS location 3) Address 4) Contacts info 5) Clicking on the map Each location can have: 1) A sound alert selected from a predefined list of sounds 2) A short text message showing up in the phone alert 3) A picture taken with the camera or selected from stored pictures 4) A range around the location, allowing to detect when entering/exiting the region 5) Enabled/disabled state 6) Log: including name, coordinates, date/time and in/out event 7) A different message/sound alert can be defined when entering and when exiting the location region 8) The location name can be defined automatically using a default name and an increment. This feature is very useful if we need to tag locations quickly. The names can be edited later. 9) Each location shows up in the map as a pin with an eventual picture and the possibility to go to the details 10) The log of a location can be erased selectively 11) The log of all locations or a particular location can be sent as a table in an email and as CSV attachment. Examples of usage: 1) Mute phone when entering certain buildings: Hospital, Church, School.. 2) When travelling by bus/train, alert when approaching the destination 3) Reminder to do a certain task when approaching a certain location 4) Alert for fixed radar positions 5) Log travelling/commuting activity 6) Define landmarks and log approaching/leaving events 7) much more… Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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