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Learn Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean etc. 30 min on the way to work, 30 min on the way to school, Towards the dream, ListeningDrill ! ***** Best of best - It is best of best for learning English and getting information by qustjdak ***** Great! - I've been looking for an app like this for a long time! Great job! by Jonathan Oliver ***** Awesome! - This is what I waiting for! by yun ro ***** Great App - This app is wonderful!! worked perfectly right out of the box! highly recommended! by Det Kat ***** Just what I wanted - Great great great by jaeyong choi TED (English + 2nd Language Subtitle) / Classical audio book / Fairy tales / AB repeat / auto repeat / play speed control / vocabulary / bookmark / playing in the background / U.S. Drama , Movies Uploading ... I wish I could hear every dialog at least in this one favorite movie ... Yes, you can !!! Just start, soon you will begin to hear ... - Play TED - Free audiobook (Alice's adventure in wonderland, The wonderful wizard of OZ, Anne of green Gables ...) - Fairy tales for kids (1001 nights, Aesop fables, Hans Christian Andersen ...) - User video/audio upload ListeningDrill can - play both video and audio in sleep mode(background mode) seamlessly. - adjust play speed (0.5X ~ 2.0X) - merge subtitle files (even can merge two files they have different timing information and in different formats) one for main for study, another for sub as translation. - repeat based on subtitles (1, 2, 3 ... subtitles at a time, 1, 2, 3 .. times loop) - AB repeat - check whole scripts by scroll. - play from selected subtitle - adjust size and color of subtitle font - play dialogs only (skip where no dialogs and move to next dialog immediately. - manage vocabulary for each subtitle file, extract words from subtitle file, manage excluded words list, edit vocabulary ... - bookmark on each subtitles, bookmark on AB repeat information. - show and hide subtitles - listen and repeat - support convenient quick-dictionary When you upload files, you can do it without USB connection. With WiFi connection only, you can just drag and drop for uploading. (Of course, you can use iTunes Sharing too which requires USB connection for faster upload) First of all, you must understand foreign languages through listening. It is for those who need to practice listening to foreign languages. Users can read subtitles and replay the media files repeatedly. [Supported Media Files] 1. mp4, mov, mpv, 3gp video files 3. mp3 audio files [Supported Subtitle Format] 1. lrc (Karaoke Lyrics LRC) 2. smi (SAMI Captioning) 3. srt (SubRip format) If you have any question, please mail to

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