LifeCharge: Simple Elegant Journal of Your Ups and Downs


LifeCharge: Simple Elegant Journal of Your Ups and Downs

What is your Life Charge? Life Charge helps you track your ups and downs throughout the day, so you can learn what is contributing to or detracting from your happiness. Use Life Charge to easily track the positive and negative events in your life today, this week, or this year. Once you know what is making you happy or unhappy, you can learn from the past, and repeat the positives and work to prevent the negatives. It's your life, see how it's adding up. ------------------------------------ ● Every day is a clean slate: you start fresh every day, no matter how good or bad yesterday was. ● Private: These entries never leave your device (unless you share or export them) ● Passcode: Lock your entries behind a passcode to prevent unauthorized reading ● Flashbacks: Get daily reminders of your past positive achievements Track your ups: > Got a call from a friend > Got a compliment from someone you respect > Took a step toward achieving a goal > Did something enjoyable > Met someone you like > Helped someone with a problem > Cheered up a friend Track your downs: > Made a mistake > Said something you regret > Missed an event you wanted to attend ------------------------------------ It's like Life Analytics. The concept is to enter the positive and negative events from your day, and see how they add up. Having this information can help you keep perspective on things, or re-celebrate victories you may have forgotten. Let's say it's Friday, and you are having a terrible day. You come home at the end of the day, and you may be feeling like you had a terrible week. But you may have forgotten all the great things that happened on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Overall, you had a great week. Let's say you start to notice that every Tuesday you have a tough day. Why is that? Is there a common set of things that are making Tuesday's bad? Once you notice the trend, you can start thinking about how to make Tuesday better. You might want to share how your day went with a close friend. You can select the events you want to share, and send them an email or text. Or you can share to facebook or twitter as well. It's not for everyone, but many people do this kind of thing with pen and paper, and that's just too tedious :) ------------------------------------ How to use: ● Tap the + to enter a positive event ● Tap the - to enter a negative event ● Tap the battery to see all your past positive and negative events ● Tap the battery again to hide all your past events ● Swipe the bar chart to see totals for previous weeks ● Tap a bar in the bar chart to scroll to the bar's date ● Long Press the bar chart to change from daily/weekly/monthly view of totals ● You can change the 'size' of the positive or negative, to reflect that all events are not equal in size. A large is +/-9, a medium is +/-3, and a small (the default) is +/-1. ● You can change the date or time of the event, in case you want to enter an event in the past ● You can share events by selecting them (as many as you want) and tapping the share button.

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