Learn Organic Chemistry Nomenclature LITE


Learn Organic Chemistry Nomenclature LITE

Learn Organic Chemistry: Nomenclature LITE will help you master the naming of organic compounds. It features clear, concise, interactive lessons on how to name some of the compounds commonly encountered in an organic chemistry course. Each lesson includes a brief quiz to help you master the concepts and evaluate your level of comprehension. Features: -Lessons and Quizzes for: Alkanes Cycloalkanes Alcohols Aromatics Ketones -An innovative quiz engine that allows you to quickly generate complete names with no typing -Intelligent quiz answer grading that awards partial credit and provides feedback so you can learn from your mistakes -View all compounds in either skeletal or condensed form -Created by an associate professor of chemistry For more lessons and more extensive quizzes covering over 20 different functional classes, check out Learn Organic Chemistry: Nomenclature 1 and Learn Organic Chemistry: Nomenclature 2, each with 60+ quiz questions. If you have questions or suggestions contact us at: learnorgchemistry@gmail.com

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