Sleep and wake better with LARK, a revolutionary silent alarm clock and personal sleep coach. Developed with the world’s leading sleep experts, LARK works with its LARK Up app to evaluate your sleep data, empower you to improve, and wake you (and only you) silently with a vibrating alarm. Begin your sleep coaching experience with a 7-Day Sleep Assessment and within a week you're well on your way to a well-rested you. Note: This app is intended to be used with a LARK wristband accessory. To purchase one, please visit our website at Silent Alarm Clock. Wake like never before – gently, and silently, without disturbing your sleeping partner.? • A silent and peaceful wakeup, designed with sleep experts to be highly effective? • No more disrupting your partner’s or roommate’s sleep with your noisy alarm clock? • Guaranteed alarm, even when phone battery dies? • Familiar alarm clock interface – large snooze button and numerical display? • Adjustable snooze time? • Peace of Mind feature: an adjustable backup audio alarm that plays composer-created audio? if it does not receive a response from you within a few minutes after your alarm goes off. • Automatically dimming clock interface.? Personal Sleep Coach. Helps you understand your sleep and guides you to improve it in the simplest and easiest ways. • Micromovement wrist sleep pattern sensor picks up patterns while you sleep.? • 7-Day Sleep Assessment—a baseline assessment designed with sleep experts to uncover your Sleep Type. • 7-Day Sleep Report-- a detailed report that gives you a personalized, actionable plan on how you can sleep better based on your sleep pattern data. • Sleep Coach shows how you slept, how our sleep compares to both your average and healthy sleepers and monitors your sleep on a weekly, monthly and overall basis. • Ability to tag factors and feelings to find out what is affecting your sleep and how your sleep affects your mood. • Motivational coaching with messages as you improve and reach your sleep goal. How does it work?? Use the LARK Up app to set your wake up time and alarm settings. Turn on the alarm and your iPhone will wirelessly transfer your alarm settings and sleep patterns to your LARK wristband. Strap on the lightweight, hassle-free wristband and go to sleep. The micromovement sensor will pick up your sleep patterns, and when it’s time to wake up, your LARK wristband will vibrate and nudge you awake. Press the big snooze button to snooze or slide the stop button across the screen to wake. Your Personal Sleep Coach will then display your sleep quality and patterns immediately on your screen showing you how you slept during the night and how you fare in comparison to your average and healthy sleepers, all wirelessly. At the end of your 7th night of activating your 7-Day Sleep Assessment, your Personal Sleep Coach will unveil your Sleep Type and provide a personalized action plan and tailored sleep goals to help you improve your sleep. Option: Use LARK Pro, a subscription upgrade, and your Personal Sleep Coach will be even richer with tools to help you sleep better. Wake your potential. Not your partner.

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  • Highligths
    And so much better to wake up to than a noisy alarm”
    Wake me up during the correct stage in my sleep cycle
    I just wish Lark monitored heart rate and pulse ox”
    The sleep tracker lets me see my sleeping patterns”
    It's my favorite part of going to bed
    Even with a solid night of sleep
    I wake up earlier then my wife”
  • Keep in mind
    So I can't track my sleep
    Emailed tech support with zero replies”
    I don't like anything confining when I try to sleep
    When it stopped working the customer service nightmare began”
    But I can't get my lost night of sleep back”

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