Kolektio, automatic private photo sharing


Kolektio, automatic private photo sharing

Collecting moments with friends made simple. Automatic. With Kolektio you will never lose a photo again. How many time do we say "Hey remember to send those pics?" Especially when we are participating at events, weddings, parties, and so on and taking pictures with other people. If you are looking to a private way of photo sharing, Kolektio is the solution for your needs. You take a picture, and all the rest happens in the background. We make photo sharing simple, private and automatic. The natural successor to on demand is when the services in your life know you, and they are automatic. DISCOVER: now with Discover you can easily find public moments to follow and explore featured events! PRINT: simply tap a button to print your favourite pictures on poster or forex canvas! *Please note: continued use of gps running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Kolektio will scan your pictures using the background location feature only while you have open moments.

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