Klean Scrum Poker


Klean Scrum Poker

Klean Scrum Poker makes a game out of estimating tasks for agile software development. Instead of carrying around a physical deck of cards, each team member installs this free app on an iPhone or iPod touch and is always ready for a round of estimation poker. HOW TO PLAY: To play planning poker, a user story is presented to the development team, and after a short discussion each team member estimates the task by picking a card from the virtual deck. Estimates are hidden until all team members are ready, at which point all iPhones or iPods are revealed simultaneously. The highest and lowest bidders present their arguments and new rounds of estimation are played until the team reaches a consensus. FEATURES: - Beautiful and simple interface - Quick and smooth animation - Lightweight footprint - Optimized for easy navigation - Perfect for Scrum and other agile methods - Completely free CREDITS: Conceived, designed and developed by Klean, Mindlab and Greener Pastures. Planning Poker® is a registered trademark of Mountain Goat Software, LLC. Number sequence ©2005-2010 Mountain Goat Software, LLC.

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