Kingdom Island HD - Online Virtual World


Kingdom Island HD - Online Virtual World

7 EXCLUSIVE HD ONLY ITEMS FOR YOUR DRAGON!   • Aviator Jacket • Aviator Hat • Firefighter Helmet • Firefighter Jacket • Girl Dragon Head Bow • Yellow Dragon Color • Access to HD Users only Ballroom (inside the castle)!! • Completely Ad Free!   Welcome to Kingdom Island HD - a virtual world in the palm of your hands!    Connect on the go with your account to meet new friends and socialize with thousands of other players worldwide! Customize your character, play games, and explore the island in a fun, safe, and exciting multiplayer environment! The possibilities are endless!   "Enjoy yourself on a new height of amazing fun. This game is definitely a must have." -Dragon Games Online   ------------------------------------------   CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDS    • Post to your feed about your updates and game achievements   • View your friend's profile to see what they are up to   • Keep connected, message your Kingdom Island friends CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRAGON   • Purchase new clothing   • Get exclusive holiday or party items   • Dress up, choose your outfit!   • Thousands of possible customization options   • "Cool Outfit" your friends' sweet outfits   MEET NEW FRIENDS    • Chat with other players    • Private message your friends    • Get followers    • Follow your friends   PLAY GAMES    • Play challenging games to earn silver    • Participate in trivia with the Kingdom Island staff    • Role play, make your own games up!   EXPLORE     • Search the island for silver     • Holiday parties, decorated rooms     • Look for Spinno, Bigly, Bibby, Elmer, Lola, Greeny, and Daren!   MULTIPLAYER VIRTUAL WORLD    • Over 10 different, exciting rooms!    • Thousands of players worldwide!    • Connect to your account    • 20 second simple and easy registration   SECURITY    • Block rude or mean players    • Report users breaking the rules    • Secure chat    • Moderators online at all times   ------------------------------------------   Kingdom Island is a moderated virtual world. A [GM] Game Moderator is online at all times to ensure those that are playing are always safe. **You must have an internet connection to play Kingdom Island    We love listening to our fans and have many updates on the way! Please visit to send us your ideas and learn more about the game!

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