Kijiji Ads: Shop Local & Save


Kijiji Ads: Shop Local & Save

Buy & sell new/used items and find the best services on the go with Canada’s #1 classified app. With millions of listings online and more added every second, you can count on the Kijiji marketplace for just about everything right near you. DOWNLOAD THE FREE KIJIJI APP, SO YOU CAN: Browse and shop anytime, anywhere, 24/7 - Easily search and shop for all kinds of good stuff: new+used everything - cars, games, jewelry, and more - Find local tradesmen & service providers, including plumbers, cleaners, nannies and others - Find houses, condos and apartments for rent & sale in your area Post an ad. Earn money. Sell stuff fast! - Make space and money by selling things you hardly use, whether it’s baby items, cars and auto parts, iPhones, game consoles, etc. - Explore useful tools to get more exposure for your ads and help make a quick sale Keep on top of your game - Save your favourite items on the go. Check them out later - Connect with others in seconds via instant in-app chat - Edit your preferences and settings in a tap or two to get the most out of your app We hope you enjoy your ride with Kijiji, happy browsing and selling!

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  • Highligths
    It's help sell stuff
    Very easy to post stuff and upload pictures step by step”
  • Keep in mind
    Crap use craigslist
    The new app has no search filters which is so annoying”

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