Now you have the two best reasons to upgrade to an iPhone 5 - your child’s safety and your peace of mind! KidsBSafe app allows you to stay in touch with your child, when you can’t be there in person. So, hand your current iPhone to your child – with our KidsBSafe app on it! KidsBSafe is not designed for parents to continuously track their child. However, with KidsBSafe, you can confidently give your child more freedom. Knowing they can easily contact you if they need to. And kids love KidsBSafe too – if your child’s best friend asks them to come and play after school, they can quickly and easily ask you for permission. So, enjoy peace of mind! Knowing KidsBSafe is helping you to keep your child safe. DOWNLOAD NOW! Features: • KidsBSafe is exceptionally easy to install, configure and use. • It can send your child’s GPS location to your phone. • You can then view your child’s GPS location on Maps. • It lets you lock 3 numbers into your child’s iPhone - 2 contacts and an Emergency number. • You can program any number for the Emergency contact. It could be the Emergency Services number - for example, 000 in Australia. But, if you prefer, it could be your home land line, or the number of your child’s grandparents, teacher, doctor etc. • The settings are password-protected. (The PIN is sent to the first contact via SMS) • There are 9 background colors and 21 bright colors for the buttons, so your child can choose their favorite colors or have fun changing the color combinations. How does KidsBSafe work? Calling the 2 contacts: • Your child has the choice of calling, sending an SMS or emailing the 2 contacts. • Your child can choose whether or not to send their GPS location to the 2 contacts. You would tell a small child to always send their location to you, but as they get older, you can give them the choice - so they know you aren’t checking up on them all the time.
 In an emergency situation: • Your child voice-calls their Emergency number. • If your child needs help from the police, ambulance or fire brigade, help will be on its way immediately. • You will also receive a SMS message saying that your child has called the Emergency number. • You will receive your child’s GPS location and you can view your child’s GPS location on Maps. This helps you get to your child faster. • And you can call the Emergency service with more specific details. 
 Recommended Ages: 4 – 12

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