Journy - Personal Travel Planning & Concierge Service with Offline Maps


Journy - Personal Travel Planning & Concierge Service with Offline Maps

Journy is the best service available for hassle-free, personalized trip planning. Don’t miss out on the best restaurants, sights, shops, and activities, all tailored to your tastes. Journy takes care of the planning so you can focus on enjoying your trip. Available for 50+ domestic U.S. and international cities for $15 per day of travel. Restaurant reservations and unlimited updates and edits included for a limited time only. Enjoy access to your Journy offline, with maps. “Journy is easily the biggest reason why our trip to Tokyo was so fun, and we'll be using the service for all of our future travels!” —Kamo, 29, trip to Tokyo “The time savings I had during my trip was unbelievable. We had so much more time in our day because we didn’t have to spend the mental and emotional energy agonizing over lists of restaurants and figuring out which one was the best for us—we could just get up and go.” —Drew, 23, trip to Tel Aviv “For friends that travel for work or are just too busy to get further into vacation planning than setting dates and buying flights, Journy is fantastic. You can relinquish the stress of sifting through conflicting TripAdvisor reports and trust that you'll have a good time following Journy's suggestions. We loved the suggestions that we tried, and the customer service was top notch.” - Amanda, 28, trip to Dublin ---------- HOW JOURNY WORKS * Choose your destination and enter your travel dates * Fill out a 3–5 minute questionnaire for us to get to know your budget and tastes * After that, your Journy concierge (a real human!) will follow up within 24 hours about your trip * Get your full trip plan in 7–10 days complete with where to stay, what to eat and drink, and what to do that’s best for you * Enjoy access to all the information you need, beautifully presented in one place including photos, insider tips, maps, transit times, reviews, and opening hours * Review your Journy prior to your trip and ask your concierge for any changes or reservations you need * Download your Journy before your trip to enjoy offline access without needing to drain an expensive data plan Download now and use promo code GOJOURNY to get 1 free day of travel planning. Whether it’s a short business trip, a staycation, an annual vacation, a romantic getaway, or even a honeymoon or babymoon, our Journy concierges help you plan the perfect trip. ---------- ABOUT JOURNY Journy is a 100% custom travel planning service, tailored to the modern traveler. We understand that you’re looking for more than just Top 10 tourist sights; you’re a traveler-not-tourist who also wants to experience the coolest new restaurants, hip cafes, speakeasy cocktail bars and more. By combining the human touch of a travel expert with our special technology, Journy delivers the perfect travel experience for you at just $15 per day of your trip. Our concierge team also handles restaurant reservations, included in this introductory price for a limited time only. Best of all, recommendations come from chefs and in-the-know experts, so you know you’re not missing out on the best and most authentic things to do while traveling.

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