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Jiu Streetsu

Learn how to defend yourself and not get in jail Deal with all major Front, Rear, Knife, and Gun attacks Designed for streets with reasonable force in mind IMPORTANT: make sure that the "ringer silent" switch on your device is NOT in the SILENT position. Otherwise there will be ... well, silence! Key Features: - 68 techniques against Front, Rear, Knife and Gun attacks, designed with Reasonable Force in mind - Step-by-step Photo Slideshows with detailed instructions for each technique - Local Communities to find training partners in your City, College or High School (we bet you'll love this one: you'll be able find your friends and other people in your area who are already using Jiu Streetsu, arrange training events with them, invite new friends and much more) - 5 techniques are presented with video instructions, including: a) Video Preview with full-speed and slow performance b) Video Tutorial with precise explanation how to perform a technique correctly c) Common Errors Video where we explain, how to not perform a technique incorrectly (this one is cool)

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