Jetty Adventures For Kids


Jetty Adventures For Kids

Test your quickness, skill and strategic thinking in this fast-paced arcade-style game. You will take control of your paper plane, as you try to avoid enemy projectiles and guide them right back at them. The projectiles will follow you constantly, so you will have to develop the best evasive maneuvers that you can. Be quick and don;t hesitate to make good use of the power-ups along the way. But be weary! Not all power-ups will help you in your mission to destroy all those mean enemies. Your plane is impervious to collisions, so you won't have to worry about flying through your enemies. Make your way through 30 exciting levels in campaign mode or try to survive for as long as you can against infinite waves of enemies. Whichever game mode you choose, the fun is guaranteed! We wish you a good flight and a good fight! What's New: - Fast and engaging gameplay - Choose between campaign or survival mode - 30 levels and 3 difficulty sections - Checkpoint autosave - Record and share with Everyplay Show some love; support and share: Facebook: Twitter: Site: Youtube:

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