Put a New Car in your garage! JellyCar 3 is now available! The hit driving platform puzzle game is all new! JellyCar 3 features all new levels, all new car customization, all new ghost racing, and so much more. So hop in, start your jelly engines, and find the stop sign! JellyCar is a driving/platforming game for both iPhone and iPod touch. The game is about driving a squishy car through squishy worlds, trying to reach the exit. JellyCar features soft body physics for all of the objects in the world. Also your car can transform for a limited time to aid progression through the level. *** NOTE *** touch the "?" squishy icon on the main menu for the "how to play" instructions! Features: * Soft-body physics! * Simple touch and tilt controls * 28 levels to play * global high score ranking system * original music by Matt McCarthy * full sound effects * option to listen to iPod music while playing the game. * Localized into: ** 日本語 ** 繁體中文 ** 简体中文 ** 한국 ** deutsch ** русский ** Nederlands ** français ** italiano ** polski ** suomi Controls: * Touch (and hold) on either side of the screen to drive in that direction. * Tilt the device to rotate your car * Touch the car to transform - the car will inflate to much larger than it's normal size! this only lasts for a limited tome though. * Touch with 3 fingers on the screen to pause/quit the current level. * Use the standard Pinch gesture to zoom in/out at any time.

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  • Highligths
    Jelly Car is the best car game iTunes has to offer”
    I have yet to find a more addicting game app”
    This an awesome fun app”
    Good replay value and a Great game for free”
    That aside still one of the best free games for iPhone ever”
    This game is awesome because it is free Fun and challenging
    It is the most silly fun I've had in some time”
    Banditandshadow banditandshadow banditandshadow You can pick between xbox live gift cards”
    Loads of completely different levels on three difficulty settings”
    You use this mechanic to pass the driving challenges”
  • Keep in mind
    This is definitely not a kids game
    The level design is horrible and the physics are even worse”

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