Japanese My Way - Dictionary, Kanji Writing Practice and Flash Cards


Japanese My Way - Dictionary, Kanji Writing Practice and Flash Cards

"If you only buy one kanji app, this should be it..." "The recognition is really good, it's like magic" "Apps like Japanese My Way make owning an iPad a real pleasure and a great learning tool." Description ----------- Japanese My Way is a dictionary, flash card and kanji writing (with stroke recognition!) application for Japanese language learning and reference. Japanese My Way comprises of a 6,500+ kanji dictionary, a 160,000+ word dictionary and 150,000+ sample sentences, entries of which can be added to flash decks for training. You can create and manage your own flash decks to learn the kanji, vocabulary and grammar YOU want to learn. Japanese My Way also employs a Leitner-SRS based card repetition system showing you the cards you got wrong more often for faster and more efficient learning. Flash cards are easy to play, just look at the card and then swipe your finger across the screen to turn the card over and see the correct answer. You can also choose which conjugation you wish to practice. Japanese My Way also includes a unique kanji and kana stroke checker. Write the kanji on screen with your finger and the stroke checker will check it for accuracy and either pass or fail you based on how close you were. New to version 2.0 are drag+drop games to build kanji and words. Drag and drop radicals from a selection onto their slots to build kanji and see if you're correct. Drag+drop kanji to build compound words from their component kanji. But beware, JMW will find kanji that 'look' similar to the one you're looking for to make it more difficult! ;-) New to version 3.0, a complete redesign of the user interface. Now you are placed directly into the dictionary for instant reference. The previous gaudy colors have now been replaced with a simpler and more aesthetic color scheme. New to version 4.0, our most requested feature. Full cloud support for synchronization of flash decks and progress not only across devices but across applications too! You can now use Japanese My Way to look words and kanji up in the dictionary while you are in class, add it directly to your flash decks, and then on the way home, grab your bluetooth headset, switch over to our Hands-Free Sensei application and practice the vocab in the car on the drive back. When you get home, you can grab your iPad and switch over to Kanji Renshuu and then practice writing the new kanji in the context of full sample sentences! See it In Action ------------- To see Japanese My Way in action, check out our tutorial videos on YouTube by searching for 'Rakudasoft'. Unique Features ---------------- Write your kanji on the screen with your finger and the stroke checker will check your kanji/kana stroke order and positioning. Leitner-SRS card based repetition system for faster more efficient learning. Full 160,000+ word dictionary so you'll never be missing a word you want to practice. 150,000+ sample sentences fully cross referenced with the dictionary. 6,500+ kanji database including animated stroke drawings fully cross-referenced into the dictionary so you can find all words that use a particular kanji. Pick the conjugation you want to practice in flash cards not just the dictionary form. NOTE: This application is not designed to 'teach' you Japanese step-by-step, but is meant to accompany a serious course of study. NOTE: Please, please, please. If you are having issues, contact support@rakudasoft.com and we will work with you to address them. With so many versions of iOS and devices now, there it's impossible to test on them all, but we are dedicated to fixing any issues quickly. Thank you.

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