Gain complete control of your finances with iVelopes, an envelope budgeting financial app. With iVelopes you can finally achieve your budgeting goals without all the hassle of keeping track of where your money is. Envelope budgeting has been around for decades, long before computers and phones. This easy to use system allows you to set aside money into categories (or envelopes) that can be drawn upon or saved. Money in envelopes can be moved around without having to make transfers between your various accounts like credit cards and checking, allowing you to shift your finances to the areas you need them the most. The advantage over traditional budgeting software is that you are using money you already have, not money that you may have. Also, envelopes retain their money without resetting every month, so you can set aside cash for those big ticket items. It may seem like a small change, but when you budget with envelopes, you start to think toward a savings perspective, instead of a debt repaying perspective. With iVelopes, you can: - Keep an active register of accounts of all types, including: checking, credit, savings, investment, retirement, loans, mortgages, and cash. - Save and budget using the tried and true envelope budgeting system. - Set aside money for things you want to purchase. - Control your spending by limiting spending to what you already have. - Move virtual money among your envelopes without having to make any transfers. - Create recurring bills, deposits, and envelope distributions on any interval you can think of. - Use projected bills, deposits, and distributions with one click of the button. - Create transactions effortlessly with auto-complete and last transaction settings. - Enter your transactions faster with the "Quick Entry" feature. - Take a snapshot of an account, automatically creating a withdrawal or deposit for you. - Optionally password protect on startup and unlock. - Use your local currency based on your device's settings. - Backup, restore, and auto-synchronize your data with a Dropbox account. * Compatible with iOS 3.1 and above If you want to check out iVelopes before you purchase, you can take a look at the user manual at: echo17.com

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